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Article "From Misconceptions to Conceptual Change" from The Science Teacher (an NSTA publication)
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This article talks about how misconceptions come about and suggest tips and strategies to help students move towards conceptual change.

"We must also identify each student's misconceptions. Each student is an individual learner, with individual misunderstandings. By listening carefully to our students' responses, analyzing them, seeking clarification, and demanding explanations and discussions, we can determine whether their understanding of the content is superficial or deep."
"Misconceptions can be corrected, but since they are individualized paradigms, they must be corrected by their owners. A once-misunderstood concept must be revisited and finally recognized as a discrepancy and the observer must be developmentally and conceptually able to make proper meaning of the event. These epiphanies, or ah-ha moments, occur in each of us when the conditions are right."

Link to the documentary A Private Universe mentioned in the article above.

The author of this documentary investigate two common misconceptions through interviews with Harvard University graduates and middle school students.
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A Private Universe: http://www.learner.org/resources/series28.html
Private Universe Project in Science: http://www.learner.org/resources/series29.html

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